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Fun Stuff . . . July 1, 2014

The bloggers were busy this week bringing us lots of great posts for the summer and the 4th of July.  Enjoy their creative posts.


Free Photo Props

What fun taking photos using these photo props!  Just print and attach to a straw or stick.  From the Fox Hollow Cottage.  Click on the photo to be taken to the webpage.

Party cups made from paper plates

Adorable and simple!  Check out these snack cups made from a paper plate.  For the simple instructions from Our Best Bites, click on the photo.









June 2, 2014





The YW Camp Team is in need of 20 pint-sized Mason jars for the camp craft coming up in June.  If you have any pint-sized Mason jars you would like to donate, please e-mail Sheila Decker at

Flo Ward is looking for a room to rent preferably with an LDS family and within our ward boundaries.  A one-story home is preferred with a decent-sized room.  Please contact Flo at

Genevieve is in need of two booster car seats for the 6-year old twins that are living with her family.  Please call or text her at 732-8292

Do you need an overhead projector for at-home schooling or for personal use?  Genevieve has one available.  Please call or text her at 732-8292


June 4th Wednesday, Temple Sealing Assignment, 5:00 p.m.  If you can help at the temple, please e-mail Maurine Wilson at

June 7th, Saturday, CPR Certification.  Karla Akana has scheduled a one-day CPR certification class with a professional teacher.  More information will be coming in a separate e-mail.  For immediate questions, please contact Karla at

June 11 – 14th, Youth Pioneer Trek.  For more information, see the “YW/YM” section below.

Ward CampoutJune 20th, Friday, Erringer Ward Campout at Tapo Canyon Park.  Bring your own dinner for Friday night, and breakfast will be provided on Saturday morning.  Be prepared to share a talent on Friday evening.  For questions, please contact Anna Peterson at 581-3461



June 21st, Wednesday, DI Trailer in parking lot, lock code: 1847

June 22nd, Sunday, Adult Fireside with Sister Laura Denke, a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and Mental Health Therapist, 7:00 p.m., Sinaloa Building.  For more information about Sister Denke, connect to her webpage at


           June Theme:     Priesthood Ordinances and Temple Work Bless My Family.     Scripture:  Matthew 18:18


June 7th, Saturday, CoEd Youth Softball, 4:30 p.m., Rancho Simi Park

Youth Pioneer Trek

June 10th, Tuesday, Gear Check-in and Social, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., Sinaloa.  The youth need to bring their gear as well as ward gear to be formally checked-in by the stake.  The stake will transport the gear to the location.  There will be a social after check-in.

June 11th, Wednesday, leave for the trek, 6:30 a.m.  Each ward will be traveling as a ward group

Checklist – please complete the following: 

  • Turn in the permission slips to the youth leader
  • Gather all of their supplies
  • Pioneer clothes are a must!

YW Girls Camp

 June 17 – 20th, Malibu Creek State Park.  Be at the Erringer Building by 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 17th ready to load and leave.  Have lunch at home prior.  If you can help transport the YW to or from the camp, please call or e-mail Sheila Decker at (530) 774-7600 or

  • All of the paperwork must be turned in
  • Follow the camp packing list
  • Cell phones may be brought to camp, although there will be limited use
  • IMPORTANT:   Remember to write a personal letter to your daughter and give to Sheila Decker or Heidi Bollard prior to camp.


Ward Leadership, Missionaries and Military

      For the list of our ward leadership, connect to:

      For the addresses and birthdays of our ward missionaries serving away from home, connect to:

      For the address of Allyce Friant, serving in the military, connect to:

           For the Troops:   For the information to donate to the FTT organization, connect to: